Collection account management

Before release

The revenue distribution plan – the waterfall – is signed by the film’s parties to make the basis for future handling of revenues. Revenues are paid into the film’s account at ECA. We can also offer to make the waterfall in close collaboration with the producers, based on the film’s underlying agreements.

Release & first report

Upon release, ECA starts collecting the revenues. After an agreed period we issue the first Collection Report based on the waterfall – with individually designed lay outs for each recipient. After 10 days we release the payments to each party.

Later reports

ECA collects revenue statements and issue up-dated reports on a regular basis; usually quarterly but based on needs and wishes. We also take care of obligatory reporting to public funds, guilds etc. The reporting frequency will typically decrease over the years.

How we work - ECA's main values

  • Trust: With transparent and convenient processes, we aim at providing trust among our clients.
  • Security: Our extensive system of checks and balances - automatic and manual - make sure that our reporting is precise and safe.
  • Individualized service: Every film is unique. We care to know our clients well and to provide tailored solutions.

Other services

Our extensive insight and experience – supported by custom-made software – make ECA a valuable partner for producers, investors, creatives, and institutions in matters of film financing and revenue handling.

Please contact us with general queries or specific questions about film financing. We look forward to assisting you.